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In a near future, two brothers are trying to escape from 'the grey suits'. Some say that they probably will go to a camp, but some kids who went may never have returned. Perhaps they moved. Or perhaps they were sick. But no one knows. And no one tells. The only thing the two boys do know is that Granny warned them about 'Pandora', and that they vividly remember when they took their dad.
A short story by Massimo Fiorentino
© Copyright 2015, [°} Interiority
Massimo Fiorentino has told stories since he drew his first comic at an age of five. He has written and directed two short movies and has worked most of his life with storytelling in all kinds of media. 'Pandora' is his first published short story.
BUY IT FROM AMAZON ($1.24 / £0.91 / €0,99)